Why Cloud Based Hiring Solutions

Cloud based Hiring Solutions has basically changed the way recruiting firms operate.  A cloud solution can save recruiting money & time. When comparing it to other handouts, a  cloud solution costs 46% less than an on premise solution and 35% less than a hosted solution. The Ultimate cloud based recruitment solutions can help with automating of the routine steps in the entire recruitment and on-boarding process.


Benefits of using cloud based recruitment software

A Better Candidate Experience

One of the primary reasons organizations are shifting to the cloud is because Cloud solutions offer a better user experience. Recruiting solutions are keened to provide a great candidate experience. Experts believe user experience is the incipient battleground in HR technology. Cloud based systems embrace the look and feel of the Internet, in which candidates relish Current user interfaces.

Automated Hiring Processes

Everything in the cloud is automated, no need to enter manually. Automating transactional activities gives you more time to focus on value-added work. Applicant tracking systems automate many of the administrative aspects of recruiting, ranging from streamlined, online communication with candidates to automatic interview scheduling. This makes it possible for your team to continuously improve your hiring processes, communication and the candidate experience.

Reports and Dashboards

Cloud Based Hiring Solution provides powerful report generation tools on the data stored in the objects. Data displayed in the reports are as per running user’s security access. Reports are stored in folders. Users with access to these folders can run the reports.

Dashboards are the pictorial form that are created with drag and drop from the reports. Analytics and tracking helps you to make more decision making and increase your ROI.

Easy Access to Information

Cloud computing offers the ability to access software or information that‘s delivered on demand and over the Internet, without the need to store it locally. Recruiters can easily access information, Applicant tracking systems make applicant information available wherever and whenever it’s needed. Cloud-based recruiting solutions are accessible via the Internet, from anywhere.

Increased Innovation and Customization

In cloud, customization is done as per the requirements. The speed of cloud computing increases access as well as self-service updates and opportunities for customization. This same customization generally extends to the provider’s variable support and pricing models, with the cloud providing scalable solutions for any size business. Earlier HR software, cloud computer solutions feature an open API code to automate processes and communications between different systems and platforms. This allows companies and third-party developers to customize widgets, applications and other solutions to meet individual business needs and objectives. 

Increased Speed of Implementation and Updates

Integrate and augment rather than replace, existing enterprise software implementing a cloud solution doesn’t disrupt business; it eliminates many of the expenses commonly related with new systems. Similarly, cloud capabilities can often be implemented in a matter of weeks or months, instead of years.

Highly Secured

Here Cloud Solutions are providing logins – similar to Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media. It is user friendly – where we can able to use from any device like -mobile, tabs etc. For the employees in a company Software provides IP and session security.





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